May 29, 2006

more photo madness

well, this long weekend i was busy with a bunch of crap. me and ronda rented a moving van to haul what little large furniture we have to our new house. basically a bed, a large table, a futon, and my kegerator. (we also moved some plants, bike, etc.) right now we're still sleeping at the old place on an inflatable mattres with just enough clothes to get by. it'll be nice to actually move into the new place this week.

aside from that we packed more random stuff, cleaned up monstrously large dust bunnies from newely emptied rooms, i read some magazines, upgraded the photo software on my server, and uploaded a the old digital photos i had lying around, mostly from 2004. (right after i got my digital camera but before i setup a web site to host photos.) if you're bored you can now see all my pictures from china and burningman. now if i could just get around to upgading my blog software to something a bit more recent...

May 7, 2006

mass photo posting

i finally uploaded a bunch of photos. There's pics from when ronda and me went up to sea ranch in march. There's also some pictures of the new house me and ronda will be moving to next month. Finally, today i went to see the power tool drag races. i got a bad sunburn and saw some crazy machines, some of which went REALLY fast. (the monorail and slingshot contraptions both had an average speed over 40 mph so they were really hauling ass when they crossed the finish line.)