November 28, 2006

the cheesy goodness is gone...

during ronda's last trip to new york she managed to pick up a wheel of our favorite anual cheese, vacherin mont-d'or. unfortunatly we finished it today. last year ronda actually ordered some directly from france for my birthday.

November 26, 2006

turkey day in la

this weekend me and ronda did the seven hour driver from sf to la to spend thanksgiving with my parents and sister. it was a good time since i hadn't seen my sister since new years and i'd only seen my parents once since then. we had a good time eating too much. also, on saturday we went to the sawdust art festival in laguna beach where we happened to see a band i really like, the red elvises. (you gotta love a band that sings about drinking tequila with jesus.)

November 19, 2006

sea ranch getaway

so the day after i got back from prague me and ronda hopped in the car for a three hour drive up to sea ranch where we had rented a house right on the costal cliffs for the weekend. we just hung out there with a couple friends, sleeping in, doing jigsaw puzzles, cooking big brunches, bbq'ing tri-tips, drinking growlers of tasty beer all day long, soaking in the hottub, walking along the coastal cliffs, watching the idiot box, and exploring tide pools. i guess there are worse ways to spend a weekend.

November 16, 2006

back from prague

i recently got back from a quick prague visit. i was only there for three and a half days and two were spent working, but i still managed to do a lot of walking around town. aside from snapping a bunch of photos, i also managed to: drink about 12 liters of beer (trying about 21 different beers), eat about 2 servings of dumplings a day, and eat one serving of sausages a day. this was actually my second time in prague, i had been there once before in '97 for about 9 days, and walking around town everything kinda looked familiar. i actually even wrote down all the different beers that i had:

- Pilsner Urquell light (svetly)
- Pilsner Urquell dark (tmavy)
- Velkopopovicky Kozel svetly
- Velkopopovicky Kozel tmavy
- Bernard svetly
- Velvet
- Kelt
- Budvar svetly

- Branicky svetly
- Novomesky tmavy
- Budvar tmavy
- Staropramen svetly
- Stropramen Granat

- Pivovarsky Dum Koprivove (nettle)
- Pivovarsky Dum Kavove (coffee)
- Pivovarsky Dum Klasicky tmavy x2
- Pivovarsky Dum Klasicky svetly
- Velvet
- Guinness
- Kilkenny

- Budvar svetly
- Kozel svetly
- Kozel tmavy x2

November 4, 2006

milled wood

after many weekends, lots of new tool purchases, and lots of planing i finally finished milling about 5 board feet of cherry into usuable pieces for a small bench that i'm buildling. exciting eh?