May 13, 2007

backyard work and lots of pics

so the past two weekends have been spent mostly doing a lot of work in the backyard, and today i uploaded lots of photos.

the oldest photos that i uploaded were from our tour of marin sun farms, which is where we get most our meat, eggs, and whole chickens from. i also have some woodworking related photos. you can check out the zero clearance insert and router table that i built for my ts2400 table saw here. i finally glued my bench together, and ronda even snapped some photos of me mixing shellac flakes. thrilling, eh?

so i spent the past two weekends removing an old large brick bbq from the backyard so that we could plant more stuff in the garden. my landlord wanted me to save most the bricks, so i did, but the removal processes involved a 20 lb sledge hammer and produced a lot of rubble. the concrete and re-bar reinforced foundation was the biggest pain. i didn't photograph the bbq before removing it, but you can see the lack of it and piles of rubble here. with the bbq removed, we have some more room for planting stuff, so you can see photos of the garden here, here, and here.