December 21, 2014

A dinner at Lazy Bear

This past week we went to dinner at Lazy Bear in San Francisco.  It was one of the best fancy dinner experiences I've had.  I could attempt to wax eloquent about all the different ways in which the experience was awesome, but instead I'll be lazy and just refer you to a review of Lazy Bear on SFGate (published yesterday).  Many of the dishes we had were different from what was described in the review (since the menu continually changes).  You can see pictures of a bunch of the dishes we had here:

I've had a few other fancy dinners where some of the dishes were amazing, while others were ho-hum.  But here each of the courses was truly unique and tasty.  Aside from the food and the venue, two other things we really enjoyed were:

- A fantastic 2013 wine from The Scholium Project called "Prince in His Caves".  It was an orange colored Sauvignon Blanc that was fermented with the grape skins on and had a truly unique and great flavor.

- The great music selection (Cure, Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, etc).

We were there from 7:30pm till 11:30pm and the time just flew by.  If you're looking for an exciting dinner out on the town I'd highly recommend it.