October 9, 2006

a new public calendar

for the past year or so i've been using the WebCalendar software on my server to try and keep track of all the junk i'd like to do and all the stuff i'm supposed to do. well, recently i upgraded the calendar software and while at it, i created a new publicly visible section for this calendar that will host all the junk i'd like to do. so say, if you're really bored and wondering what shows i might be going to in the upcoming week, you could find out by looking at calendar.drymartini.org.

October 4, 2006

heavy joke

this probably warrents a mention... two of my coworkers are engaged in a some practical joke sparring. the most recent round invokved one of them pouring a 900 lb brick of concrete in the others office. the concrete was encased in a cardboard box and glued to the floor blocking the door so they couldn't get into their office.

October 2, 2006

got dovetails?

i do. unfortunatly they are not particularly good, although the last ones are much better than the first. i've been practicing making them and i've gotten it down to just under five hours for one. i've also practiced making some mortise and tendon joints and those are a bit easier than dovetails. i'm planning on trying to make some half-blind dovetails next. once i'm comfortable with those joints i plan to actually try to build something. i'm basically making my way through a book about Woodworking Basics and i'm planing on doing the two projects listed in the book, a small bench and a bed sidetable. course it'll be a while before i finish practicing those dovetails so we'll just have to see how it goes.