September 1, 2005

online photo galleries

while figuring out how to get all my photos online i looked at three different photo packages and one online photo hosting service.

i looked at three different online photo gallery packages:

gallery v1
gallery v2

of these three my favorite was coppermine. both gallery and coppermine seem to be under active development, which is good. but the real deciding factor was that in coppermine, when you're viewing an albums and going through pictures one by one, there is a film strip below the pictures that show's you thumbnails for the adjacent pictures in the album. this is a really important feature since people can skip ahead and not have to view every single picture.

i also looked at the online service smugmug. this is a really great online photo site that has great service. some of my friends use it and it's really easy to navigate. the UI is just great. also there are no annoying ads.

course, in the end, i decided to host my pictures on my own site because i'm a control freak. if it turns out that i can't handle the maintainence or my website suddenly become super popular and the bandwidth usage kills my connection, then i'll probably move over to smugmug. i'll just have to wait and see.

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