January 15, 2006

a morose weekend

and it's not just the weather, since it was actually nice outside today. ronda's grandfather passed away yesterday evening so the mood has been a little morose. she's been talking to family a lot and making plans to travel out for the funeral this week.

aside from death, the weekend has been pretty uneventful. yesterday i read the first issue of my new economist subscription. i also searched online for more places to take welding classes. (this past week i also signed up for spanish classes so i'm gonna be really busy for the next few months.) today i transfered my brain IPA into a secondary fermenter and it tastes pretty good so far. i'm still planning to dry hop with 2 oz of mt hood hops when i keg it so we'll see how it turns out. this evening we went to meet chuck and marco at the zeitgeist where we had a burgers, bloody marys, and beer.

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