November 16, 2006

back from prague

i recently got back from a quick prague visit. i was only there for three and a half days and two were spent working, but i still managed to do a lot of walking around town. aside from snapping a bunch of photos, i also managed to: drink about 12 liters of beer (trying about 21 different beers), eat about 2 servings of dumplings a day, and eat one serving of sausages a day. this was actually my second time in prague, i had been there once before in '97 for about 9 days, and walking around town everything kinda looked familiar. i actually even wrote down all the different beers that i had:

- Pilsner Urquell light (svetly)
- Pilsner Urquell dark (tmavy)
- Velkopopovicky Kozel svetly
- Velkopopovicky Kozel tmavy
- Bernard svetly
- Velvet
- Kelt
- Budvar svetly

- Branicky svetly
- Novomesky tmavy
- Budvar tmavy
- Staropramen svetly
- Stropramen Granat

- Pivovarsky Dum Koprivove (nettle)
- Pivovarsky Dum Kavove (coffee)
- Pivovarsky Dum Klasicky tmavy x2
- Pivovarsky Dum Klasicky svetly
- Velvet
- Guinness
- Kilkenny

- Budvar svetly
- Kozel svetly
- Kozel tmavy x2

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