April 30, 2007

dead tired

the weekend was ok. i actually assembled the bench that i've been working on for what seems like forever. i also kegged my first all grain batch of beer. i thought i fucked it up by mashing it at too high a temperature, but in the end it seems to have turned out ok. sunday night me and ronda went to dan's place where he smoked some salmon on the grill. it was really tasty and now i have to try adding trays of wood chips to the bbq to recreate some of that tastiness. today i finally managed to bike into work. the weather has been fine for it for a while, but i'm a lazy ass and motivating to actually bike into work is hard. course, now that i've finally done it i'm dead tired. i forgot how much fun it is to bike into a strong headwind while coming home and struggle to go 9 mph.

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