June 18, 2007

i'm not a morning person

really. course this morning my eyes popped open at 4:30am and i gave up any chance of actually falling back to sleep at 5:00am. since i haven't been doing a lot of speed recently i figure i'm probably still jet lagged from my recent flight to warsaw, poland. (i got here sunday afternoon.) it was pretty bright out at 4:30am and when i was walking to the bus stop at 5:30am the sun was already well above the horizion. there was a surprising number of people out so early, although i did manage to find a seat on the bus. the bus ride to work was about 40 mins and it was much nicer than the one yesterday at 8:30am. (that bus was standing room only, very hot and stuffy, and got stuck in multiple traffic jams.) well, it's time to get some work done so i can get out of here (the sun offices in warsaw) and get over to grandma's place.

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