January 27, 2008

software upgrades galore

man, i have spent too much time on software upgrades this month. here's the list:

  • Upgraded the OS on my home server from snv_38 to snv_72. This upgrade removed support for Apache 2.0, so i had to upgrade from Apache 2.0 to 2.2. The new version of Apache also required that i recompile php.

  • Upgraded SpamAssassin on my home server. This required installing a bunch of perl CPAN modules.

  • Updated my version of unison to the latest version.

  • Upgraded the photo software on my site, Coppermine.

  • Upgraded the calendar software on my site, WebCalendar.

  • Upgraded the blog software on my site, Movable Type, from 3.x to 4.x. This required changing the database backend from BerkeleyDB to MySQL. This also required installing a bunch of perl CPAN modules

  • Updated my music collection to use ID3v2 tags instead of ID3v1 tags. This required installing ID3v2 and id3lib, updating my music management scripts to use ID3v2 and running a batch job to update all my music.

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