November 11, 2012

Weekend summary

1) Watched the new Amazing Spider-Man movie streaming from Vudu.

2) Went for a 20 mile bike ride with Ronda.

3) Installed one Romik running board on my Subaru Forester (on the drivers side).  I'm not totally thrilled about how it fits.  The Forester was obviously not designed for running boards, since when you try to stand on it your toes hit the bottom of the body.  Also, while i think it's securely mounted it does flex down when you stand on it, which makes it feel less than secure.  Now I'm consternating about either installing the other one or giving up on them.

4) Tried Himawari in San Mateo.  It's a nice restaurant (lots of jazz records on the walls and jazz playing) with some very tasty Shio Ramen (the Chicken Karaage is tasty as well).

5) Bought two small framed prints of "Party Daleks" by Genevieve Santos that were on display at Sweet Breams (also in San Mateo).

6) Read up on how to avoid contribution limits for Roth IRAs.  I wish I had known about this in 2010 when if first became possible.  I also spent some more time reading some other postings by Meyers Wealth Management.

7) Hung up the "Party Dalek" prints and a decorative metal sign reading "Black Dog Inn; Martini Bar" in the guest bathroom.

8) Created a 6" tall splash guard for the dogs water bowl so that when Rye drinks water he doesn't end up splashing it all over the bathroom floor.

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