September 23, 2014

Severed fuel line.

Recently things have been busy at work.  So this morning I decided to get up at 6am (an ungodly time for me) and head into the office early to get stuff done before my meetings started.  While driving south on the 101 I hit some debris in the road.  I immediately noticed a fuel smell, my dashboard lit up, and my engine died.  I managed to get the car onto the shoulder, and when I looked under it I saw some shredded shielding and a hose leaking fluid onto the ground.

Needless to say I decided not to try and restart the car.  I called AAA and had it towed to my local mechanic.  He put it on the lift and we confirmed that I had broken hose assembly and fuel line.  After having my wife pick me up from the mechanic I drove into the office again and was only a few minutes late for my 9am meeting.

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