July 6, 2004

adieu, adieu, pt 2

so today was kevin's last night in beijing. kevin's a guy i met at my local bar, platform. i've seen him a couple times around town and at the bar. tonight was hit last night in town and he invited me to join him and his friends for drinks.

they were going out to sichahai/houhai so there was really no way i could say no. also, i spent the last weekend working, and i've actually been working entirely too much recently, so the break was really needed.
also, kevin is heading back to the states and is going to be starting school in SF at the academy of arts, so i gave him my email address and told him to drop me a line when he gets into town.
well, we went out with a large group of people and i started into a good night of drinking. i ordered a bottle of whiskey, and everyone else mixed it with some green tea, but i decided to drink it strait. that always does the trick.
i told kevin about good bars and restaurants is SF. i also talked to a couple of his friends who's names i don't remember now although i've talked to them before (one from new york and another from new zealand.) also, raymond decided to sing a couple chinese songs for kevin with the accompaniment of a guitarist who was wandering the street looking for just the opportunity that raymond provided.
we ended the evening at two little carts with deep friers and assorted foods on sticks. after that we wandered the small hutong alleys in search of another supposed bar that we never found. eventually we got to an actually road with cars and called cabs and headed home.
i had a good time hanging out and i really needed the decompression break.

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