June 30, 2004

people suck

so it's not enough that this has been a shitty week of ronda leaving, and my working hours going to hell, and me staying at work way to late, but now i find that my blog is getting spammed.

so it's not enough that on average i get about 120 pieces of spam a day in my home email account (about 3500+ spams a month on average.) now i'm getting spam on my blog.
even though i haven't updated my blog in a while, today i logged in to update a spelling error that ronda pointed out. (i normally spell check entries, i just forgot to spell check the heading and so i made a stupid spelling mistake that got highlighted in bold, go figure.)
when i logged in i saw that there were two new comments on my blog.
one was asking if i wanted a bigger penis and included a url to a site with an obnoxious name that clearly indicated it could help in this area. i promptly deleted it.
this caused me to inspect the second new comment much more closely. the second comment said "hey man, i just found your blog, this is really cool!" and it was signed with the name cilias. now most people don't know what cilias is (and don't need to) but if you're like me and you get 3500+ spams a month, then you've seen it before. it's another name for viagra or other penis enlargement "supplements." normally the name of the person who posted the comment is the link to an email address or such, but in this case the poster had actually embedded a link to a web site selling the pills. so this was a cleverly disguised post that most people wouldn't recognize as spam, that included a link to a web site selling pills.
now why on earth would anyone do this you ask? because when my web site gets indexed by google, it will record these links and boost the rankings for the web site that the links point to. basically, by doing this they are trying to influence search engine results.
also, they are not doing this manually. they have written programs to do it. these programs search the web till they find web blog software that they know about. then their programs know how to post comments to articles on these blogs.
i have to say... this really, really, REALLY, i mean *REALLY* pisses me off. i think the death penalty should be illegal. but i think spammers should be deported to countries where it's not. actually i think they should be deported to countries where first they can be tortured horribly and unspeakably for a long period of time until they beg to be killed. and then they should be tortured for another few more years before they are killed. fucking scum of the earth. i really hate people.

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