December 31, 2005

new years in big bear

so i spend new years in big bear with my family and parts the polish posse. i had missed the last two years of new year festivities in big bear so it was good to be there. i saw many familiar faces from costa rica and many not so familiar faces (people that i had never met or hadn't seen is so long that i didn't recognize them.) new years eve itself was filled with lots talking (my voice was hoarse the next day), drinking, and dancing late into the night. (i got to bed around 3am.)

that said, not everything was perfect. the tchaikovsky family wasn't there because their grandfather was in the hospital after a hear attack. also after calling her family to with them a happy new year, ronda found out that her grandfather was also in the hospital after a heart attack. obviously this was not a good new years to be a grandfather.

here's some pictures from the evening.

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