March 30, 2006

skiing... finally

well, i ditched work today and put in my first day of skiing for the season. a friend arranged a day trip up to kirkwood, so five of us piled into a car at 5:30 am and headed up to the mountains.

it was great spring skiing. actually the best spring skiing i've ever had in the sierras. it was snowing earlier in the week and had never warmed up after the snow fell so the conditions were excellent. even driving up to the mountain there was 6 foot walls of snow on the sides of the road. on the mountain there were a few groomed runs, but on the steeps, in the canyons, and off trail there was a lot of soft crud. near the end of the day it started to get a bit heavy, but it was still a really amazing conditions. the main drag of the day was that i'm not in any good shape so it constantly stopping to catch my breath. it's really hard work cutting all those turns and busting through the crud. (i also had to try to keep up with some of the excellent skier that i came up with.) regardelss i enjoyed every out of breath second.

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