July 23, 2006

bike repair

i spent today fixing up my bike. it's an old mountain bike that i bought from costco back in '93. the last time i fixed it up was about two years ago. then it went to burning man and after that it sat outside for a couple years. well, now a lot of rust has been scrubbed off, it's got air in the tires, a new chain, new pedals (with straps), a lot of lube, and a lot of time spent adjusting shifters. surprisingly enough it runs really nice now. the reason i fixed it up is because i want to start riding it to work. i'm planning to ride it from my house to the 22nd st caltrain station (instead of having ronda drive me) and then from the menlo park caltrain station to work (instead of taking a shuttle.) i guess i'll try it out tomorrow and see how it goes.

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