July 3, 2006

installing lights

so today i decided to replace the recessed lighting in the rooms upstairs with some dome lights. (the recessed lights didn't actually provide very much light into the rooms they were in.) the problem was interesting because dome lights expect a standard circular light outlet where as the recessed lighting fixtures have their own special mounting bracket. since i'm renting this place i didn't want to make permanent changes like ripping out the existing brackets and replacing them with new ones. (also, i don't have access to the attic space above the lights and it is filled with insulation anyway, so i wouldn't want to dig through that. i ended up cutting some 22 gauge sheet metal to the same size as the recessed mounting fixtures, mounting a standard circular light outlet to the sheet metal, and installing that over the recessed lighting fixtures. then i was easily able to mount the dome lights. here are some pictures of what i did.

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