July 15, 2005

food in phnom penh

like saigon, this city has a very international feel when it comes to the variety of resturants and the food that is available. but here i think most of it comes from all the NGOs which bring a heavy foreign influence. while here we continued the trend of eating mostly international food instead of finding the best hole in the wall cambodian food places.

i feel bad admitting it, but we ate dinner and drank at the FCC (Foreign Corrospondents Club) every night. course the food was pretty good there. they even had a wood fired brick oven where they made the best pizza i've had this whole trip.
we also ate lunch at an interesting little place called the boddhi tree. it's a resturant and guesthouse right across from S-21. (not a place i would want to stay.) but the food there was really good. i had some "cambodian" soup, which reminded me a lot of thai soups (like tom ka gai.) they also had some tasty rolls that consisted of a slice of grilled eggplant with a slice of prosciutto wrapped around some blue cheese. the roll was served warm with a bit of parmesan shredded and then melted on top. mmmm.
another interesting note is that there are tons of "happy pizza" resturants here. i saw the pizzas being served in most these resturants and while they aren't the best looking pizzas (imho), butyou can order them with fresh marijuana as a topping (since it's legal here.)

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