July 11, 2005

outta time in the delta

well, i can't keep up with the blogging stuff. i'll have to do a bunch of catch up entries after i get back...

but as of right now, we're spending the night in can tho on a three day tour of the mekong delta. the day after tommorow we should be heading into cambodia. there we'll go to phenom penh and siam reap.
after that we've changed our plans. we were planning to head to thailand, but all the people we've met on this trip have raved about laos, so instead we're heading there. we're planning to fly from siam reap to pakse. from there we'll head south into the delta, and when we're done make our way back to vientien and then bankcock to fly back.
of course this current plan is all still subject to change as well. ;)

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