July 1, 2005

night in Nha Trang

so we spent last night in nha trang

nha trang is a big beach town and we weren't really planning on spending much time there. we got in around 7pm after almost 12 hours on the bus.
during the bus ride i managed to finish reading the gulag. a very imformative, well researched, and well written book that i really enjoyed. it took me a while to finish since i started reading the book on this trip. i learned a lot about russian history that i never new before.
once in nha trang we tried to go to an italian resturant recommended in our guide book only to find it no longer existed, so instead we went to another italian chain resturant called "good morning vietnam." (they have one of these resturants in each of the major towns in vietnam.) the pizza was actually much better than what i was expecting.
we then headed back to our hotel, drank a couple beers, and passed out early since we were waking up at 6am this morning to catch the bus to Dalat. in all we spent about 12 hours in town. in the morning when we were getting ready to leave we chatted with someone else at our hotel who was also going to dalat and he reconed we'd spent about enough time in nha trang.

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