May 12, 2004

sleep deprivation experiments

so i'm home from the local bar, platform. i've had one too many beer and i've decided to "blog from bed" (tm). it's been quite the night. i've met many new people and now i have to get up in just a few hours to meet and talk about _important_ lab issues.... ah the joys....

so i decided to go out for dinner today with michael. michael is a co-worker here in beijing (originally from canada) who has been living here for a couple years and has learned enough chinese to get arountd town and be a very effective flirt.
unfortunatly michael doesn't drink... so after dinner i dragged him to my local bar to watch me drink and play darts. while it was fun talking about work and chinese women, michael eventually got bored of my alcholism and decided to got home with his ex-girlfriend. (who met us to play darts and pinched his ass all night. not bad from my prespective.)
after michael left the entertainment (and serious drinking) really started. i met raymond, a chinese native eager to practice english, and he introduce me to his sister (lucy), his american friend from north carolina (kevin), and another lady friend (tiffany). shortly after the new introductions a large number of additional friends arrived and all of a sudden the bar was crowded and there were lot's of people dancing to latin music and hanging out. everyone was having a good time drinking and dancing till late at night. i talked to breifly to carolina (from dublin, ireland) and tamara (from canada.)
i also spent a quite a while talking to alan. alan was from mexico city and had been living in beijing for three years. he was studying martial arts and was also working at platform as a dj four nights a week. we talked about mexico, china, the us, and music for quite a while. i introduced him to Ozomatli (via my ipod) and he was really impressed and he worked it into his live mix on the dance floor.
finally, everyone was leaving and it was time to head home arountd 3:30am... a good idea since by then i'd had way too many beers to keep count and i know that i have a meeting tommorow at 10am. :)

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  1. funny, I almost went to platform after having dinner with Andrew but in the end decided to curl up with a book at home. If only I had known you would end up there...they seem to have some kind of happy hour special all day today though.