May 12, 2004

texmex for lunch?

so i just got into the office after lunch. me and anup went to a mexican resturant down our street called El Nina. the food was better than i expected but still left a lot to be desired. growing up in california will spoil you like that.

it was a strange experience since our waitress spoke english to us when we walked in and we got a menu that had english on it as well. i had beef enchiladas with corn tortillas for 38 yuen (under 5 USD) and anup had three soft chicken tacos with flour tortillas (same price.) both meals came with spanish rice and refried beans fresh from the can. the food better than i expected, but i don't think i'll be back soon.
the interesting part was that the place was very obviously run by a tall meiguo ren (american). anup had ordered a margarita, and the presumed owner was yelling at one of his staff members asking if he understoon the difference between a shot glass and a shaker. i didn't understand it all.
once again, we were the only customers in the place up to the very end of our the very end of our meal, when one other person entered.

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