May 30, 2004

blogging contortions

so i've blogged myself to death. i've somehow missed the point of a web blog. instead of documenting things as they happen or as i think of them i've spent the entire day today composing blog entries for the past two weeks. i've known what all the entries i wanted were but i never got around to writing them so today i played catch up and created a bunch of antedated entries. now i'm all blogged out. the only break i've had today from writing this drivel your reading now was a short trip to see some chinese acrobatic theater.

me, anup, andrew, bev, and her daugher went to the wan sheng theater. we go overpriced tickets for 150 yuen (about $18 USD) that put us in the only row that had tables and vip plaques. there really was no real difference between our row and the rows in front of us or in back of us except for the tables and about 50 yuen. a'well.
i though the show was actually pretty good and worth the money. (it was _much_ better than the lao she teahouse.) it started off with lots of girls with lots of spinning plates on sticks. it was pretty cool because they were all dressed in white outfits with white plates and the show started with a dark stage except for some black lights, which gave a great effect. later they danced around and did assorted acrobatics while spinning the plates.
this was followed up by a troop of boys who were jumping though an assortment of hoops stacked on opposite sides of the stages. after that there was a girl who worked her way up and down to pieces of cloth hanging from the ceiling. one could only wonder if she ever accidentally tied herself into a knot that she couldn't get out of while practicing her act.
later in the show there was a woman that was pretty unhuman. i'm convinced she was either an alien or she had had every other vertebrae in her spine removed because no human should be able to do the things she did. (being able to fold your back and touch your ass to your head is not normal.) she did a very impressive act of contortion while holding stacks of shot glasses. there were eight separate stacks. one on each foot, one on each hand, one on her forehead, and three balanced on a tray that was attached to a mouthpiece. after contorting herself she proceeded to take apart one of the stacks and pour some water from one of the shot glasses to another.
the last act i really liked involved to large poles on stage where six boys were climbing the poles and jumping from one to the other.
k. i'm done here.

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