May 19, 2004

working the corner

so today after a long and exhausing day at work me, andrew, and michael decided to go out to dinner. i was in a pretty grumpy mood when me and andrew were standing around on the street corner near our appartment waiting for michael to show up. while waiting there me and andrew saw some blatent pit pockets working the corner. it was about 6 guys aged 15 to 20. i saw them run after three girls on bikes who had purses slung over their shoulders and in each case they managed to lift the girls wallets from their purses without them noticing. even more surprising was the fact the the people biking behind these girls who could see it all going on were saying nothing. after getting the wallet they would go back to their group and rifle though it taking whatever they could.

at one point there was a girl who walked past us on foot with a backpack on and on of the thiefs ran up behind here and started opening her backpack. she was close enough so that when andrew yelled out the theif ran off. after this aborted attempt the group simply crossed the street to be on a different corner than us and kept working.
seeing this really sent me from a bad mood to a truly foul mood.

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