May 29, 2005

busy body

so i've been keeping busy schedule for the past few days. i actually spent three nights in a row out of the house.

me and ronda went to anup's for dinner on friday night. we met a couple of their friends, had tasty indian food, and sat around sipping drinks and chatting till after midnight. we talked a lot about food and as a result i have a few new restaurants i'm going to have to try. specifically new china delight, which supposedly has sichuan hot pot. (which i've been dearly missing since i left china. super spicy but also super tasty...) The other is a peruvian restaurant, estampas peruanas.
thur night i hopped on the 19 and headed into the loin. i first went the the old chelsea to get some of the best fish and chips i've ever had outside of ireland. after that i headed over to the night cap to visit an old high school friend, jenny, who was bar tending that night. she lives in sf but i usually only manage to see her a couple times a year. kinda sad... but regardless i had a good time hanging out and she seemed to be doing really well. i should have known better than to stay past midnight, but i didn't, and i finally got out of there some time after three in the morning.
wed night was also spent on a social tip. juju (who i recently went to coachella with) came over for dinner. ronda fixed up a nice spread of food and we sat around eating, drinking, and chatting.
three days in a row is an extraordinary amount of socializing for me, so to compensate for it i spent the entire day yesterday working. from about 11 am till 11 pm. then i watched tokyo fist. man those japanese got some wacky films. this one was pretty much all about self inflicted pain, lots of it, and would you like some mutilation with that pain?
today has been spent cleaning. i did laundry at the same place i always do it, the brain wash. then i cleaned up the computer room where we are continuing to stack up ronda's stuff. it's pretty darn packed in there. now i'm finally done with that and it's off to get some dinner.

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