May 30, 2005


me and ronda went to suppenkuche today for dinner. mmmmm. yummy german food.

i had the pickled herring to start followed by some beef goulash, ronda had a salad followed by some sauerbraten. my pickled herring was not quite what i expected since it was one large piece of herring served on top of the sour cream, onions, pickles and potatoes salad. (normally i would expect it to have been cup up and mixed in.) but it was still quite tasty. it actually could have been a meal in and of itself since it came with a boiled potato and some salad, shredded carrots, and beets on the side. the goulash was tasty as well. the meat was very tender, the carrots were still firm, and the spatzle... oh man, do i love spatzle. the goulash came with a small side salad which was drenched in too much strong dressing for my tastes.
ronda enjoyed half her salad, she immediately cleanup the beets and wished there were more of them. her sauerbraten tasted good as well, not quite as vinegary as she would have liked it, but the meat was tender and still quite tasty.
they also had quite a large selection of beers on tap and more in bottles. ronda enjoyed an butten alt followed by maredsous abbey. i had a weltenburger dunkle, followed by a bottle of smoke beer that was on special. (it's just like having smoked ham stuffed into a bottle, a unique and powerfully tasty experience that is quite enjoyable once in a while.)
overall, we ordered way too much food. an appetizer and entree per person is way too much. (i did manage to eat most my food, but i though i was going to burst.) this would be a great place to go to drink german beers and have an appetizer, or go for dinner and just order an entree. but hey, we were checking it out.
also we were comparing it to walzwerk. to our surprise we recognized one of the waiters here from walzwerk. i talk to him and found out he works at both places and that walzwerk was actually started up by former suppenkuche employees. in the end, we decided that aside from the beer collection we preferred walzwerk. it's just a few bucks cheaper and in our opinion the food is just as good if not better.

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