May 23, 2005

running out of weekends

well, this past weekend i finally bought my airline ticket for my vacation. me and ronda are going to vietnam, cambodia, and thailand for two months. it's going to be quite the adventure. i've picked up insurance, gotten visas, and gotten all my vaccinations. i'm ready to travel. (oh yeah. i did pick up some books and maps and i have spent a little time reading them... but not too much. i do after all have 17 hours or reading time on my way over there. :)

past that, this weekend i was doing mostly tweaking my home server configuration. i set up everything to be able to be able to consolidate ronda's domain ( onto my server. this included apache virtual servers, sendmail virtual hosts, secure pop3 access, dns server configuration, blog software installation and config, etc. i still have to configure sendmail to allow her to use the machine as an outgoing mail server and then to change the root dns pointers for her domain. the joys of server consolidation.

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  1. Good to see you are blogging again, dude. Hopefully you will keep this up while in Asia.