May 18, 2005

three cheers for bitter beer!

it's 5:05 am, i'm drunk as a skunk, i just finished sending out work emails.

i love it when i've been working way too long... and drinking way too much... and then i send out emails at work telling my coworkers as much. (it's ok to send emails to your coworkers telling them you stayed up extra late drinking and typing so they could review your work while you sleep off a hangover... right? :) or course i've been listening to placebo at excessive volumes while typing and tipping back back pints... that might have something to do with it.
also... the pints have been very acidic. this latest batch of "pinky IPA" is not quite ready to take over the world. it seems very acidic and bitter (but not hop bitter.) i'm guessing too much gypsum and not enough flavor hops. better luck next time.
way to keep up this blog, eh? :)

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