June 30, 2005

bug free Hoi An

another great feature of this town is a distinct lack of bugs

i noticed it the first night we got in. i was wandering around in sandals, a tee shirt, and shorts and i wasn't being eaten to death by bugs. we had dinner at a river front resturant and we did all the eating. it's really great. (turns out the river is close enough to the ocean such that it's actually salt water, so no mosquitos.)
every where else in vietnam i end up putting on long pants and bug repellant in the evenings. i've gotten about a billion bug bites, all of different kinds. my favorite was the ones i got the first two days in town. they started out as mosquito bites, but then they went from a small red bump to a large red splotch (about an inch in diameter) with a white center that really itched. after that they finally faded away. (much to my relief.) i still don't know what they were, but i had about six of them on my left leg.

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