June 3, 2004

adieu, adieu

so anup has left us today. he's off to spend a couple days in south korea and then it's back to the bay area after being gone for over three months.

last night we had a farewell dinner at a really nice french-vietnamese resturant. the food was expensive and had small portions, but it was really good. anup was there with me, andrew, zhou yun, and yuan yi. much of the talk was about zhou yun and yuan yi pending trip to the states. anup is planning on taking them to tahoe, yosemite, and a bunch of other places. unfortunatly i'll still be in china while they are in the states.
so i'm going to miss anup. anup is a really motivated guy and if it wasn't for him i'd never have traveled around the amount that i already have. he's also a great traveling partner. anups travel plans seem to change on a minute-by-minute basis, always with new suggestions about where we could be going and what we could be doing. i love this type of traveling style. finally, he's a fun to hand out with and a great drinking partner (since he's always up drinking.) i've had a great time going around china with him and he'll be missed on future adventures.

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  1. hey Ed, I see that you have finally started blogging again. Thanks for the nice comments. I had tons of fun hanging out with you too. I won't miss the 100F weather though. I shall be nice and not tell you what the weather here is like now. :-)