June 4, 2005

wrapping things up

well, this past week my work schedule has been a little off. it ended up shifted to late in the day as i attempted to wrap things up around town before leaving for vacation. tue i went to the second OpenSolaris User Group and i didn't get home till after midnight. wed and thur i got home around 2am. last night i did manage to get back to sf just in time to grab some chicken panini at chez maman (right before the kitchen closed.)

i also talked to a couple people at work this past week at work who had recently been to vietnam and cambodia. russ had just spent 10 days in vietnam touring around vietnam and strongly recommended a motor bike tour he had taken around the north west. steven had also just recently been to cambodia and told me about some of the things he saw and did there as well.
i'm leaving on tue so there's only a few more days to wrap things up. i need to leave the house i a decent state for blake, so today i have to drop off a bunch of old stuff i'm getting rid of at good will. i also want to start packing today so that i know what i'm bringing and what i'll still need. past that i've still got plenty of reading left to do in my vietnam book and i haven't even started reading my vietnam food book. instead i've been paying bills in advance and writing blog entries. well, i'm off to do some real work now.

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