June 15, 2005

eating it up

today we went to a really good bun cha resturant (No 1 Hang Manh St.) a little place where we got a huge plate of rice noodles, a huge plate of veggies, a large plate of chopped up fried spring rolls, a bowl of chopped garlic and chilies, a bowl of fish sauce and a bowl of assorted pork bits. (little meat balls of pork wrapped in leaves and also bits of fat, grizzle, and meat). it was really good. we just through all the ingredients together into a bowl and chowed down. had it with a large beer at 10am for breakfast. me and ronda couldn't finish it all. cost? under $5 USD for both of us.

yesterday we went to Cha Ca La Vong. a old resturant that serves Cha Ca. (a food style that it defined and others now imitate.) they brought a clay stove with hot coals to our table. it had a frying pan on top with fish in it. there was some oil, safron, and other spices on the fish. into this we threw fresh chopped chilis, basil, fennel, and green onion. we cooked it for a bit and had it atop rice noodles in little bowls. and of course we had beer with it all. it was pretty damn tasty and came out to about $6 bucks a person.
my quest for the ultimate pho has not yet been fulfilled. i've tried quite a few tasty bowls, but none have yet matched the pho cooking in my mind. i'm still continuing to hunt this one.

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