June 25, 2005

marked in Hue

the market in Hue is the best i've even seen.

before catching the bus to Hoi An today we decided to check out the open air market here, and it's by far the best market i've seen so far. it's also the largest food market i've seen so far. there was an incredible selection of meats (fish, shell fish, jelly fish, beef, pork, chickens/roosters (dead or alive), foul (dead or alive), etc) huge tubs of chili sauce and other sauces i can't name, tons of fresh fruit, vegetables, spices, herbs, etc. there were huge colorful scenes of women napping in their little boots surrounded by tons of different colord peppers and fruits. in one section there was about 12 women burying themselves as they peeled garlic en mass.
the market also had a ton of non-food stuff and had the narrowest isles between stalls stacked 10 feet high with assorted crap, from trinkets, to clothes, to toilet bowls, etc.
it really was pretty impressive.
the only thing i don't like about the market was that it's always an assult on your nose. not only do you have the fresh smells of all the products, but you also get the stench of rot. when the fresh fruit and meat is not sold, it's thrown out into the street and the swept into large piles on the edge of the market where it rots. so it's trully an assult on your nose.

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