June 7, 2005

middle of nowhere

well, i'm not at home and i'm not in hanoi yet. i'm half way, so i guess i'm in the middle of nowhere. right now i just got off a 11.5 hour flight from sfo to seoul. turns out they have free internet terminals here so i though i'd abuse one. i also have three hours to kill here before my next flight to hanoi. (i don't know how long that will be but i'm guessing about 4 hours.)

even though i'm feeling pretty bloated from the flight, i'm still interested in seeing what kind of food i can find in this airport. i've been reading my vietnam food book on the flight over as a sort of self torture. (reading about good food and then eating airline food.) ronda has been studying the language, which is what i probably really should be doing, so i'll get started with that on the next flight.
we should be getting into hanoi around midnight and then making our way to the hilton. ronda used a bunch of hilton honor points to book us in there for two nights so we can start the trip with style. :)
well, that's it for now, i'm off for more cramped seating.

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