June 29, 2005

hanging in Hoi An

so today is our fourth full day in Hoi An and we're planning on leaving tommorow morning for a 12 hour bus ride to Nha Trang.

this is the longest we've spent in any one place so far. hanging out here has been really great. the town is pretty small and pretty low key. also the food has been really good. (i've pretty much enjoyed every meal i've had here so far.)
the center of town (old town) is a bunch of shops, bars, and resturants. the main gig in this town is getting custom clothes and shoes made for cheap. i bought myself a linen shirt with wooden buttons for $15. i got ripped off. i later found other places that would make it for $8. but whatever. now i can feel a bit more imperial when i wear the shirt. ronda also picked up a few shirts and a jacket for herself.
two days ago we rented bicycles and headed out to the local beach. it was pretty beautiful and the water was perfect. unfortunatly i got a little sun burnt.
past that we really haven't done much here. we've skipped the tourist attractions and spent most our time hanging out, reading, eating, doing trip planning, and drinking. it's been nice and relaxing. (hell, i've even had time to sit around in internet cafes twice and write a bunch of lousy blog entries.)

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