June 6, 2004

all work and no play

makes for a really dull blog. so i spent this entire past weekend working. pretty boring. since i was really burned out by sunday night i went to lush around 8pm to get dinner. they have a pretty good club sandwhich (the best one i've found in beijing) and coopers beer (from austraila... it actually has some flavor, unlike most the other beers here.) it turns out that sun night is open mike night, and since i was sick of working i hung around for a while.

the open mike night was pretty different from any i've ever seen. it was hosted by two guys on gituars who were playing songs and singing. things like sublime, ben harper, classic rock songs, etc. they were actually pretty good. also, most the open acts consisted of other people comming up and playing gituar and singing as well.
after about four or five beers i noticed that they had a small and delapitated drum kit on stage and i decided it would be a good idea to play along with some of the songs on drums. i talked to the guys running the show and they said sure. so i sat down for a few tunes to play drums. it was pretty entertaining. i did a pretty crappy job and eventually they told me that they didn't need any more drums.
i hung around for a while longer to suck down a few more coopers and then i headed home a little after 1am.

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  1. So I'm waiting for more stories. Don't take time for spell check and grammar check. I'm a mother - mothers can translate anything. (Bet I could translate coded diaries if I were so inclined)