June 11, 2004

the wheel is still turning

but the hamster is dead. when i got home this evening i was greeted by a small slip of paper taped to my door. the paper was covered with chinese characters but i was able to recognize three critical things on it.

the first was my building number.
the second was my appt number.
the third was the stamp i saw on each page of my police registration paperwork.
sigh. more police fun.
so i guess it's worth mentioning that i moved apartments. this past week i moved into anup's old apartment since it's quite a bit nicer than my old one. (it's in the building right next to mine and i don't have much junk so the move was really easy.) while this seemed like a great idea at the time i may come to regret it.
i had jarrett translate the note for me and basically it says that the police have been by my place a bunch of times and i haven't been there so i should come to the police station to register.
either i'm really unlucky, or the police have someone working for them in the building who let's them know when it looks like people are moving in or out, or both.
so i guess it's time to contact maggie (the admin) to get the long and painfull registration process started _again_...

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