June 11, 2004

strangers always talk about

the weather. and it's miserable. this entire past week it's been about 100F (38C) _every_ _single_ _day_. i feel like i'm melting when i walk into work or walk to lunch. the days have been: 8AM == 80+F, 9AM == 90+F, 10AM == miserable until 9PM == 90+F, 10PM == 80+F.

thank god the humidity has been around 25%. dry heat is survivable. if it was humid i would have already booked my ticket out of here. of course when i check the weather report it's supposed to continue like this until next tue. then it will be in the 80s with thunderstorms. sigh.
blake tells me that it's a wonderful summer in SF with temperaturs in the 70s.
that sounds great... exactly what i want to hear.
so basically i'm wearing shorts and sandals into the office every day. the strange part is that aside from me and the two other americans in the office (bev and jarrett) no one else wears shorts. and most of them bike into the office. you think they would have noticed that their director (bev) is wearing shorts and that it's really not necessary to make yourself more miserable than you already are in this heat. a'well... i'll write it off to a cultural difference.
as i side note, i think my skin is about 10 shades darker then it has ever been in my entire life.

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