June 24, 2004

i'm a wanker

so today i learned that i'm a wanker.

i got an email from one of my co-workers, michael today. he let me know that i'm a wanker. apparently, his mother had discovered my web log and read some material that she shouldn't have.

i re-read through the material and i couldn't find anything objectionable, but regardless, michael didn't want his full name on my blog. (so at his request i removed his last name.)
that said, this brings up more interesting issues.
up to this point i've been including people's full names in my blog. why? my blog is for other people to read (so i don't have to tell the same stories over and over), but it's also a permanent record for myself. i'm archiving the pages and perhaps, some day when i'm senile, i'll go back to read it, and perhaps i'll even enjoy it. (since i'll be senile and i won't be able to tell the difference between good writing and bad writing because i won't remember examples of either.) i hadn't really thought much about including peoples full names, but i guess they could object. of course i don't think i'm writing anything objectionable, but apparently opinions differ.
that said, i'm not sure if i should change my current blogging habits. i find it interesting to throw this information out there and see what comes back around. anyone else got an opinion on this?
well, michael's complaint also got me interested, so i googled for his name, and low and behold, on the third page of results, there it was. highlighted on a page called "Home of the Innane." (course the title of the page was not what michael objected to. :)
i also realized that up until i set up this blog, my web pages wouldn't be indexed by google because i had set up my web server on a non-standard port to avoid unwanted inquiries. but web setting up this blog i decided it would be a good idea to start running a more standard web server.
well, i'll just have to see how this develops. i still have no idea how long this blog will live or what content will reach it in the future. it's all just a time wasting experiment.

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