June 10, 2004

another one bites the dust

so today andrew has left us. it's been a great couple past weeks hanging out in beijing with him.

we had a going away dinner at bevs place last tue night. the best part is that he cooked the meal and it was great. bevs aie was there and was really surprised that a guy was cooking the meal. she also worked with andrew to help him with making some really great dumplings. there was quite a few people over and it was a really good time.
andrew was a very adventurous food eater and i'm sure my meals will be much more bland now that he's not here. i'll also won't be learning any more insults of foul phrases in latin.
the "rotation" part of the program is really kicking in for me now.
one of the next rotation people has also shown up. jarrett is here now and he's comming up to speed with the eating and drinking. he's also a native chinese so he has a home field advantage here. it'll be interesting to see how things change here as new people arrive.

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