June 19, 2004

the messiah arrives

finally, after what can only be described as an unendurable and excruciating sentence of solitude in purgatory, the messiah has arrived in beijing. i rented a driver (car included) and picked up ronda from the air port.

she was doing surprisingly well for having left SF at 1am and traveling for over 24 hours. i was overjoyed to see here. i took her back to my apartment to get settled.
we had almost a full day to ourselves, but we didn't really go anywhere. we only went to my favorite dumpling shop down the street for guo-tie (pot stickers) and then to sichahai/houhai for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.
unfortunately, ronda had pulled her back at yoga shortly before coming over here she was in quite a bit of pain. since advil wasn't really helping the situation we decided to made a go at the local pharmacy where the staff looked a little upset that they would have to be dealing with people that didn't speak chinese. in the end we walked out with some red pills and white ointment that later experiments demonstrated to be effective.
so this is ronda's second time to china, and she didn't like it much the first time around. it's one of my goals to make sure that she enjoys this trip much more than her first.

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