June 8, 2004

the yanks are coming!

actually it's only one yankee that i'm interested in. ronda is comming later this month on the 19th!!! yay!!!

so ronda will be comming over to visit for 10 days from june 19th to the 29th. we spent a bunch of time on the phone last night and made the final arrangements. this will be great. i really miss my ronda. it's been a very long time since i've seen her.
ronda has actually been to beijing before a few years back and she didn't like it much. but i'm convinced that this time it will be different. everyone i've talked to was told me the city has changed dramatically in the past few years. also, i'm here. :) and since i've been living here i've discovered good places to eat, drink, and hang out at. this months
edition of "that's beijing" even included some articles about good equestrian places around and outside of beijing, so i'm sure well get some horse back riding in as well.
lastly, there is a massage place in the appt complex where i live, so if we're not out of town ronda can get a full body massage every day. (with the discount card it's only 50 yuen a massage... that's about $6 USD)
with all those options i don't see how she couldn't have a good time. :)
we've also started talking about the possibility of going to inner-mongoila or some other places outside of beijing. we need to start researching our options.

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